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SEO SpyGlass is an advanced SEO tool for backlink analysis. It enables you to put an eye on your
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13 October 2008

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SEO SpyGlass is a powerful Google competition analyzer for webmasters who need to catapult their sites ahead of the competition in all the major search engines. Gathers data related to back-links, their page ranks, age of the back-links, keyword density and so on. These are the parameters that determine SEO and page ranks. Knowing these details about a competitor should help deciding strategy of your own.

Pros: The package has two distinct parts. First is a analysis tool. This automatic and collects the back-links, their page ranks how fresh the connections are keyword density and so on. Given the URL of the site you want to analyze the process is automatic. This works very well and you could see a running log of what’s happening. You cannot see the data of course. You need to specify the search engine too for which you want to do optimization.

That may be because the package we could download was a demo package. Second part of the program works on this data and provides a 7 step action plan for increasing the page rank of your own site based on this analysis of competitor’s data and the chosen search engine. Demo package did not allow the suggested step to be displayed. However, the details given out on these suggestion pages do indicate the software developers do know what they are dealing with.

Cons: Nothing adverse was detected in the limited exercise done.

Overall rating would really depend on discovery of anything adverse and how good the suggested SEO steps are and if they do actually improve rankings. Potentially this looked like a good package which very likely would live up to its promise.

Publisher's description

SEO SpyGlass is an all-in-one backlink analyzer designed for effective competitive intelligence. This user-friendly SEO tool enables you to get a close look at your competitors from inside. Take your chance to learn how your top performing competitors managed to outrank you in search engines. In just a few clicks you'll get the full picture of the SEO strategies your rivals have been developing by trial and error for years. You need's spend years on research now. Just do what SEO SpyGlass suggests - and up your rankings go!
Here's just briefly what you'll learn with SEO SpyGlass:
The total number of inbound links your competitor has
The Google PageRank and Alexa Rank values of every link
The total number of PR 0 to 10 links
The IP address of every domain linking to your competitor and the overall number of links coming from it
The exact keywords your competitor is using in titles and anchor texts (including their density)
Whether your competitor has got backlinks coming from DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory
The number of inbound links from forums, blogs and homepages
The exact SEO efficiency of every link your competitor has
The exact domain age of every link partner
And more!
SEO SpyGlass will automate your competitive intelligence effort so that you can decipher your competitions secret SEO weapon in a matter of minutes. In fact you can start applying the best SEO practices of your competition right away. SEO SpyGlass will even retrieve contact information of your competitors' link partners for you.
Order full version of SEO SpyGlass or download a free demo and start building your SEO strategy on the successes of your rivals right now.
SEO SpyGlass Tool
SEO SpyGlass Tool
Version 3.5
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